Thursday, February 03, 2005

Here are some sites where you can find more templates. Enjoy!
Point of Focus
Templates 4 Free [Português]

Web Site Assignment

Hey guys,

I hope that you find creating a personal web site exciting and enjoyable. I do hope that you can learn the basics and maybe later on, decide to explore and learn more about web design on your own. Here's what I would like for you guys to do on this mini-project:

1. Create a basic web site in (you'll need to sign up)
2. Read and try out the activities in html tutorial for beginners
3. As you go through the mini-chapters in davesite, you might want to take notes or modify your site to make it look better (try to be creative :-)).
4. You may choose to modify postings to experiment on the formatting or modify the template to make it look more appealing.
5. Once you have finished reading through the tutorial, make sure to include the following to your web site:
a. Introduction about yourself (note: don't publish your home address or phone numbers online)
b. Your hobbies
c. Your favorite stuff (e.g. color, book, sports, pets, etc.)
d. About your friends (e.g. who they are, descriptions) - include some pictures
e. About your family - include pictures (you may include your pet as part of the family)

(You may create different web pages for each one if you wish to do so)
6. Once completed, the next step is to email friends and families and ask for constructive comments about your website that they should post in your site (they may post it under comments) - minimum of 3 comments please.

7. Make sure to send your web site address to Mr. Pe so I can add a link at this site, www.

Thanks for your diligence and hard work!


Mr. Pe

Thursday, January 27, 2005


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